Reiki Therapy and Energy Healing

Reiki Therapy involves a whole lot of elements in nearly every various healing practice. It’s because it makes use of spiritual healing, meditation, aromatherapy, naturopathy and homeopathy among others to make the particular person or another feel better. It is a wonderful addition to the repertoire of the Integrative Practitioner.

A Japanese Tradition of Healing

However what makes this Japanese healing art so distinctive and common is that it includes the transfer of energy in an effort to restore balance within the force.

Reiki Therapy has several fundamental effects. These embody deep leisure, cleansing of the system, the will increase the vibration or frequency of the physique, provide new vitality within the form of therapeutic power and removing of unfavorable energy. Read more in the article, What is Reiki?

In Reiki therapy, the practitioner places his or her palms over the patient. The recipient needs to be lying down so he or she is totally comfy and ready to welcome the positive energy.

Reiki remedy begins from the head and then works all the way right down to the feet. Ideally, this ought to be placed 2 to 4 inches away from the physique of the patient. The palms have to be cupped with the fingers carefully bonded collectively and the thumbs pulled upward towards the hand so the constructive energy that you simply possess is directed to the one who needs it.

For this to work, both the healer and the person being healed need to take an energetic half within the healing process. One sends forth the power while the other ought to brazenly receive it.

The power of Reiki therapy relies on the level of the healer. There are three types and this improves via attunements.

Reiki healers in the fist level are solely taught the essential hand positions and the scared symbol so they can perform direct healing over others. In degree two, they’ll now teach the symbols and hand position to allow them to apply distance healing. In level three, the particular person ought to have the ability to know every part and thus earn the title of master and may already train this to others.

Are there dangers in Reiki therapy? The reply is no. The only factor the affected person can do is block the positive energy that’s being given but this doesn’t cause her or him harm in any way.

Another factor folks should keep in mind is that Reiki remedy works in conjunction with western medicine and different practices. It’s merely designed to assist the particular person heal especially for those who must undergo surgery.

Reiki remedy just isn’t profitable after only on session. This needs to be executed a number of occasions until the affected person is completely healed and this may solely occur the body turns into in tune with itself. A practitioner may even do that to him or herself to reduce the anxiety and stress that occurs on a regular basis as people stay a happier life if there’s both harmony and peace.

If you want to grow to be a Reiki practitioner, you first have to sign up in a category that’s carried out by a certified Reiki master. Level one students should endure coaching for a few days and then a 21 day cleaning interval before proceeding on to the subsequent one so read the manual and keep an open mind.

There are also Reiki Therapy classes provided via distance learning packages and on-line so its actually up to you to embrace the power of this different type of healing or not. Sign up for email updates on classes by Greg Reid and Tyler Andres, or just to learn more about Reiki, Energy Medicine, Chinese Medicine, and Acupuncture.

A specially created massage combining techniqu...

A specially created massage combining technique and aromatherapy oils. The essential oils are absorbed through the skin and carried to the muscle tissues, joints and organs to relieve tension and relax your mind. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aromatherapy Is a Unique Form of Massage Therapy

Aromatherapy is a novel type of therapeutic massage therapy because of the oils that are often used. The therapist can choose from greater than 90 oils to provide psychological and bodily benefits.

Most of the oils used for aromatherapy come from natural ingredients. Examples of these embrace herbs, milk powders, hydrosols, sea salts, sugars, clays and mud. Use of synthetic ingredients is strongly discouraged.

Aromatherapy is extensively practiced within the US and in Europe and is integral to many holistic treatments. In addition to the natural oils, aromatherapy can include candles and tub salts. All of these may be enjoyed in the comforts of your home.


Aromatherapy is used to deal with numerous well being conditions. These include allergy symptoms, bruises, burns, diarrhea, bronchitis, colds, ear ache, power, flu, complications, insomnia, menopause, nervousness, scars, sprains, stress, shingles and wounds.

For home treatment, you can buy these oils off the shelf; have them on hand for use any time you like. The essential oils used for Aromatherapy are easy to spot as they are all packaged in small bottles with the identify of the oil and the elements which can be used. In case you are not conversant in the oil, you may open it and odor it to see if it is worth buying.

With the oil in your possession, you only have so as to add 2 to three drops to hot water. You then position your head over the bowl, then inhale the fumes. For other uses, you possibly can apply oils to baths and compresses. We routinely add a few drops of lavender oil or eucalyptus oil to the water in our steam vaporizer to scent the entire room.

Aromatherapy per se is just not designed to treat any main illness. It might only relieve minor issues so earlier than you attempt aromatherapy, it is best to first seek the advice of with a doctor.

Moving Forward With Aromatherapy

Should you decide to schedule a therapeutic massage, speak with the practitioner about your medical historical past and current physical condition. Realizing how you’re feeling is the one approach for him or her to determine what oil must be used for the session.


Ladies who’re pregnant or nursing should never undergo aromatherapy because the scents from the oils might be harmful to the infant. There is simply not enough information available, so why take the chance?

For many who wish to know more about aromatherapy, they can read about it in books or on the Internet. There are additionally lessons that can folks of all levels can join to allow them to learn how to combine the oils together.

The benefits of aromatherapy as talked about earlier are psychological and physical as a result of the scent simulates the mind to set off a reaction and at the similar time provide therapeutic relief. A great example is eucalyptus oil which is understood to ease congestion.

There May be Systemic Effects

When the oil is applied to the skin, a minute amount may be absorbed by the bloodstream and aids in sure health, beauty and hygiene conditions.


If you want to learn more about aromatherapy, consider enrolling in classes; you will learn to combine the oils together and create your own healing mixtures. Most essential oils can be purchased for less than $10 per oz; even the more expensive essential oils are less than $20 per oz.

English: Glass vial containing Eucalyptus Glob...

English: Glass vial containing Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aromatherapy is a unique type of massage therapy since you don’t want physical contact on a regular basis to get relief.


The greatest value of essential oils for Aromatherapy may be the ability to help guide your mood: some are invigorating and help elevate your energy level and focus; some do just the opposite, and are calming and can help you relax. Aromatherapy is a holistic form of healthcare that is worth checking out.
Ask your Holistic Doctor about Aromatherapy for more.


Choosing Fish Oil:

Food is Medicine

Choosing the proper fish oil complement could not always be easy. One of many issues to think about is that one ought to know about what makes such dietary supplements useful to well being, which is its omega 3 fatty acid content. There are various sources of such important fatty acids. It may be easy to query if there is indeed a distinction between getting this nutrient from totally different sources.

Three Varieties Of Omega three Fatty Acids

One of many issues that people ought to know is that there are three known types of omega 3 fatty acids, the important nutrient present in fish oil supplements. The three kinds of omega three fatty acids include EPA, DHA and ALA. ALA, or alpha-linolenic acid is a short chain omega 3 fatty acid that’s usually found in plant sources akin to flax seed, walnuts, canola and soybean oil. DHA or docosahexaenoic acid and EHA or eicosapentaenoic acid are thought-about as lengthy chain omega 3 fatty acids. The latter two are these found in fish oil supplements.

The distinction between quick chain omega 3 fatty acids resembling ALA and lengthy chain omega three fatty acids has to do with how the physique processes them. In order for the body to make use of such essential fatty acids, it has first to convert the short chain sorts into its long chain form. This does not usually happen readily. That’s the reason fish oil dietary supplements are thought-about simpler in providing the omega 3 fatty acids that it wants because it’s already the lengthy chain form which doesn’t require any more conversion earlier than the body can use them.


One of many different issues to consider when choosing between fish oil supplements and ones which might be sourced from crops deals with their effectiveness and benefits. Specialists imagine that the lengthy chain omega three fatty acids being sourced from fish oils prove to be more practical by way of health benefits. These important fatty acids are known to help “normalize” abnormal cholesterol, and help in preventing coronary heart disease. With the quick chain fatty acid ALA however, experts are usually not too positive if ever it does present the identical benefit as a result of it might nonetheless require extra conversion earlier than it may be used by the body.

Fish Oil Source

Now that one already is aware of the distinction between omega 3 fatty acids sourced from fish as well as those from crops, plainly fish oil seem to have the higher hand. However this time there are some other things to consider. With a view to get the type of fish oil dietary supplements that provide the very best supply of long chain omega three fatty acids, individuals ought to know the place they’re being sourced from.

One essential thing for consumers to take a look at when buying fish oil dietary supplements is the label. It should contain info of where the fish oil used within the complement is being sourced from. As a result of there will be more than only one fish species to source out such dietary supplements, it is very important clearly know what forms of fishes these could be.

Certain labels may include data of the fish oil being sourced from salmon, tuna or anchovies. This is likely to be thought of safe. But when labels on the stated dietary supplements only tell of fish oil or marine lipids, this could ring some warning bells. It could be possible that fish oils in such supplements is probably not too certain the place the source may come from, which could also forged some doubt on the purity of the fish oil being used.

For guidance on your path to wellness and health, visit us at Spirit of Health.

Acupuncture Weight Loss

Half of Americans are Overweight!

The Problem: Many American are Obese – nearly half of us, in fact. For those who are overweight, perhaps surgical procedure is the most suitable choice however for those who can’t, they will attempt to see if acupuncture will help take out the surplus weight.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a type of holistic healthcare that uses needles to help treat a patient. You will want to go only to someone who is well-trained, and Licensed (LAc) to practice acupuncture. Consider visiting someone who is experienced in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Why haven’t you already been to see an acupuncturist to treat YOUR chronic ailment? Well, many of us have heard the MYTHS about acupuncture. Here are the 5 Acupuncture Myths – and the Facts!

It’s Not What You Think:
Not like the cartoon where the balloon will pop and all of the air will exit, the needles which might be inserted into the vital factors will stimulate the physique to release endorphins thus serving to the particular person control their appetite.

What You Can Expect:
But before needles are inserted, the specialist will first perform an examination. That is needed to know the principle trigger for the particular person to be overweight.

Part of examination is to assist the acupuncturist determine where the needles can be inserted. Your pulse will give the person an thought in your general state of energy and the general health of your stomach.

You will also need to open your mouth and present your tongue to test for cracks, peelings or puffiness on the abdomen space as this gives clues to why you’re overweight.

As soon as she or he knows the reason, that is the time that the needles are inserted into totally different parts of the body. One way is named the multi-targeted method which is designed to lower the physique’s weight by increasing the output of the pituitary gland.

The areas the place the needles can be inserted might be in the ear and in two of three body points. These areas may additionally embody the mouth, the stomach, the lung, the endocrine, the spleen, kidney or thyroid.

During the preliminary treatment, the “4 Gate” factors could be used to flow into vitality all through all the body. Additionally it is doable that electro simulation will also be performed to extend endorphin release and stimulate metabolism.

These needles shall be saved in place for 30 to forty five minutes relying on how much help is needed. These are then eliminated and changed with ear tacs with adhesives to verify they’re in the same spot as the needles.

These ear tacs work by applying gentle pressure every time she or he feels hungry. It causes a mild endorphin release and helps the affected person loosen up making it attainable to use their willpower and resist the temptation to eat.

The affected person will even have to cut back cravings on sure food by slicing down the intake. Some research recommend that this may also decrease insulin levels or lipid ranges within the blood.

The best part about acupuncture is that there are not any harmful uncomfortable side effects and no probability for an addiction to occur. The affected person should come again for regular treatment and have to concentrate to 1’s weight loss plan and train usually as needles can solely do so a lot to regulate one’s weight.

The number of remedies for somebody who’s overweight varies depending on how many kilos they need to lose, the pace at which they want to lose it and their commitment to sticking to the plan.

The common patient on the other hand who desires to lose 5 to 10 pounds should come for therapy each three days or twice every week then as soon as that is attained, once every two weeks. It’s as much as the individual till when the remedy will probably be performed which exhibits that acupuncture may also help you lose weight.

Spirit of Health: Dyslipidemia

Image: Lower Your Cholesterol Without Drugs

You CAN Lower Your Cholesterol – Without Drugs

One of the ways to know how healthy you are is to check your ldl cholesterol on a regular basis. Your doctor will break down that report into several numbers, and also help you understand what they mean, and just how healthy you are.

Dyslipidemia – abnormal blood lipid levels – is the main cardiac risk factor for Americans. 

These results are often received without any explanation. However, even if you do receive your cholesterol lab results with an explanation, it can still be very confusing. 

You’ll first be given a value for your bad cholesterol that is often referred to as low density lipids cholesterol. That is commonly referred to as “unhealthy” LDL cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein). You may remember this by using the L to stand for Lower: you want to make sure to lower your LDL cholesterol.

The unhealthy ldl cholesterol will make up about sixty five-75% of your total cholesterol; nevertheless, your goal is to get your LDL cholesterol below 130 mg/dl. LDL cholesterol is the type that is linked to heart attacks.

You will also want to assess your other cardiac risk factors, including family history of heart disease. If there is a family history, you may want to set that LDL goal to less than 100 mg/dl. You will also want to control your weight. Your weight loss program is essential in many ways. Mostly, however, it’s going to lower your unhealthy LDL cholesterol levels.

That second number on your cholesterol report is your “good” cholesterol – your HDL (or high-density) lipoprotein cholesterol.  It is good to increase your HDL levels. Think of the “H” in HDL as standing for “Higher.”

You will want this to be of at the least 35 or higher for men, but 40 or higher for women. Women have an easier time raising HDL levels than males do; however it helps to exercise, and quit smoking!

Finally, let’s look at your total cholesterol level: the combined values of the good and bad cholesterol together, or LDL + HDL. One can find that in case you keep your LDL and HDL levels regular, then you will be able to have a superb whole LDL cholesterol level. However, you need to seek the advice of your doctor when you have any questions about your cholesterol and how to optimize your cholesterol levels to reduce your cardiac risk.

The good news is that you can change the balance of your cholesterol levels (both LDL and HDL) through some simple lifestyle changes (without drugs): using nutrition and exercise can correct dyslipidemia

What Is Energy Healing?

That does not mean swallowing an Energizer battery. Energy Healing is one of the main areas of the healing arts. Energy healing includes healing and wellness principles that extend beyond the biomedical science model of Western Medicine. Some principles of energy healing can be integrated into “conventional” Western medicine. Energy healing includes several categories, including:

– Energy (esotericism)

– Chromo therapy

– Electromagnetic therapy

– Polarity therapy

– Reiki

– Therapeutic touch

The unerlying principles and approaches may be different for each of these categories. Many of these energy therapies provide predictable results. This is taken to mean that they are based, in some way, on science. The role of energy associated with humans is being accepted as fact. Areas of energy healing that were historically dismissed, are now finding some basis in science. Electromagnetism may explain human aura, for example. Such energy is considered fact; these are referred to as “veritable energy.” Electromagnetic Therapy is an example of veritable energy therapy. Electromagnetic therapy includes magnetic therapy and light therapy. An example of acceptance of energy healing by current Western medicine is the routine use of light therapy in our neonatal intensive care units. However radiation therapy that is used in conventional medicine does not fall into this category

Putative Energy Medicine May Include Therapies Like:

– Acupuncture

– Qigong – Others that involve the notion of Qi are included under this category, such as Reiki

– Homeopathy

– Therapeutic Touch

A Further Look Into Putative Energy Therapies

Qigong is one area of energy healing that warrants further exploration. Qigong is based on the energy of the human body. There is a healing energy within the body. The goal of some engery therapies is to boost that innate energy to help heal mind and body. Touch or deep focus on body energies are used to master these innate body energies.

Mastery of the body’s energies (Qi, pronounced “chi”) relies on accumulation and circulation of Qi. Qi can be associated with deep breathing, but there is more to it. Evolved forms of Qi focus on specific energy centers of the body.

The qi part of qigong means breath in Chinese and can even be extended to mean life force. In Chinese, ‘gong’ means disciplined work. This term was coined in the twentieth-century with the desire to separate cultivation from superstition. Also, to preserve the valuable aspects of traditional Chinese practices.

Qigong is practiced for a variety of reasons and it usually depends upon the individual’s needs. Qigong can be part of therapy, to treat acute physical illness; it can be part of maintaining spiritual or physical health; and it can be part of traditional Chinese martial art practice. Qigong can mean different things at different stages of life. One may begin using Qigong to help with a physical ailment, but continue using it for the power of maintaining health.

Let’s Talk About Reiki

What is Reiki? Rieki falls into the Usui healing system. This is a Japanese based therapy that was developed in the 1920’s by a Buddhist Monk, named Usui. Reiki uses the positive energy of the healer to boost the Qi of the person being healed, so their own Qi may be mastered. “Reiki” is derived from the Japanes words meaning spiritual (“Rei”) and energy (“ki”). Direct translation means “spiritual life force.”

Usui and Reiki energy healing restore and balance the Qi using specific techniques. Energy healing affects all areas of health:

– Body

– Mind

– Spirit

Skeptical ??

It is undeniable that we are surrounded by invisible energy forces. Some people have trouble grasping things that they can not put their hands on. Energy therapies come under much attack and the efficiency is questioned quite often. Critics struggle with the notion that humans may be able to harness energy. Historically, electromagnetic phenomena were considered outside of medicine. However, many of our latest and greatest Western medical gadgets and therapies rely on electromagnetism. Just as light energy healing has become a routine and standard therapy in our neonatal intensive care units, we can look forward to the spread of other forms of energy healing.

Energy Healing: Reiki, Qigong

Image: Healing Using Energy – Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese type of religious follow also used for stress reduction and relaxation. It’s a method that additionally helps promote therapeutic either for self or for different people. It is characterized as a follow of “laying of arms”.

Energy Medicine

The therapeutic powers of the technique are primarily based on the idea that there is an unseen “life power energy” that flows via every person. This life pressure is alleged to be the explanation why people are alive. When one’s life force energy is low, then people are prone to get sick or feel weak. If the life pressure is excessive, folks fell healthy and happy.


Reiki can also be a form of meditation used as a kind of therapy for treating bodily, emotional, and psychological diseases. The title Reiki is taken from two Japanese characters that describe energy itself. The phrase “rei”, which suggests “unseen” or “non secular” and “ki” which suggests “energy” or “life power” is mixed to change into Reiki. In English, its meaning is often given as “common life vitality”.


It was Mikao Usui who was identified to have developed Reiki in 20th century Japan. Story has it that Usui obtained the flexibility of healing after going by three weeks of fasting and meditating on prime of Mount Kurama. Practitioners of Reiki use a way just like that of the laying on of hands.

This action is claimed to advertise the channeling of “therapeutic energy” to a different person. The vitality flows via the palms and brings along with it healing powers that can be utilized for self-remedy as well as for treating others.

Reiki is an easy, natural as well as protected method of meting out non secular therapeutic and self-improvement. It’s said to be effective in providing alternative remedy for virtually every identified sickness and malady. Not only that, Reiki also helps create an added useful effect, that of spiritual healing. This methodology can be said to work properly when combined with different medical or therapeutic methods to help relieve unwanted effects and promote recovery.


Reiki, although seen as a really highly effective healing technique, is an amazingly easy to learn. Reiki and the flexibility to make use of it successfully cannot be taught in the ordinary sense. The ability is said to be “transferred” to the coed during a Reiki class.

This ability isn’t merely discovered however is handed on by a Reiki grasp to the scholar during a gathering often known as “attunement”. After the skill has been handed on, it permits the scholar to tap into an unlimited supply of “life drive vitality” that can then be used to enhance one’s health and improve the one’s high quality of life.

Although the follow of Reiki could also be religious in nature, it’s not considered as a religion. There are no set of beliefs that one ought to learn about before studying to observe the method known as Reiki. The follow doesn’t depend on any form of dogma.

It is going to work whether or not the coed believes it or not. But it’s said that the follow of Reiki helps folks to communicate of their non secular selves moderately than the intellectual concept that it provides.

The apply of Reiki also aims to develop and promote dwelling in concord with others. Apart from working towards Reiki and its ideas, the founding father of the Reiki system, Mikao Usui additionally recommends the practice of straightforward moral beliefs that can lead to peace and concord amongst people.

Getting to know what Reiki is might assist folks not only change into a therapeutic channel but also a software to promote peace among other people. We are all energy. Using energy to heal just makes sense.

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