Spirit of Health for Holistic Health

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Spirit of Health: for your Holistic Health

Alternative. Complementary. For medicine, these words can be a negative for some people. In the context of medicine, these words may provide a solution. Why do these words have a negative meaning when applied to medicine? That is unclear. In the US, the biomedical science model of medicine, or scientific medicine, has become the standard (and only acceptable) model. As a result, we have come to expect certain things as patients. We expect a prescription when we are ill.

We expect instant gratification. This style of medicine comes at a cost. This model of medicine has not provided us with greater health. So, what does work for better health? Does better health mean completely changing your way of life? Simply … no.

Tiny Baby Steps

Every journey begins with one small step. Success depends on making small changes that become life-long habits. As one example, from someone who wants to lose weight, we often hear “I’ll only eat vegetables and exercise two hours per day from now on.” Even if we’re serious, those changes might last for a couple weeks at most. Do you know why? Because our current lifestyle is ingrained, and radical changes simply cannot happen quickly if we want them to last. It will take years to make changes in unhealthy lifestyles that took years to develop.

How to Start?

Let’s say that you have decided to explore a better, healthier lifestyle. Excellent! Now where to start? True wellness and health are based on exercise, healthy diet, and holistic healing. Integrative, holistic healing will include mind, body, and spirit. Integrative medicine draws from various healing arts, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy healing, acupuncture, and others. The different healing arts have different goals: some help the sick get well; some simply help maintain wellness. Your own goals will help determine which holistic principles to focus on. Examining the various alternative paths to wellness can be interesting, and even fun!

Diet and Nutrition

A healthy diet does not mean starving yourself or eliminating foods that you enjoy. It does mean finding healthy foods to fulfill your body’s needs. Eat foods of many colors; avoid processed foods! Use natural sugars like maple syrup instead of processed sugar. Consider visiting your farmer’s market to find healthy additions to your diet. Your local organic market or farmer’s market is a good way to support your local farmers, and a good place to meet like-minded friends. The Mediterranean Diet provides a great guide for healthy nutrition.

Exercise is Good Medicine

It can be cheap! No need to spend money on fancy equipment or gym memberships. It can be as simple as putting on your shoes and heading outside! Your new alternative, healthier lifestyle can be that simple. Exercise is good physical health, and good mental health. Exercise: You know it’s good for your body. But the mind? If you recall the best memories from your childhood, most of them include some physical activity with your friends. And those activities weren’t expensive, just running around! No, you may not chase your friend around the playground (or climb a tree), but even going for a walk is proven to benefit your body and mind. Walking is easy and simple. Walking with a friend provides human connection.

Alternative Healing Arts

As discussed, there are many alternatives to consider if you are ill. Each of the healing arts has its area of specialization. Most “alternative” healing arts are more holistic than Western medicine. Most will take into consideration all aspects of your health: diet, activity, and spirit / mental health. They will guide you on healthy eating properly, exercising safely, and reducing stress. For more on complementary and alternative medicine, from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), check this link: http://nccam.nih.gov/.

Taking these simple, small steps can help you successfully incorporate healthy changes in your life. A healthier life, a longer life. It is important to make changes gradual, in tiny steps, for lasting change. You’ll feel great! Visit us for help with your new healthy life.