What Is Energy Healing?


That does not mean swallowing an Energizer battery. Energy Healing is one of the main areas of the healing arts. Energy healing includes healing and wellness principles that extend beyond the biomedical science model of Western Medicine. Some principles of energy healing can be integrated into “conventional” Western medicine. Energy healing includes several categories, including:

– Energy (esotericism)

– Chromo therapy

– Electromagnetic therapy

– Polarity therapy

– Reiki

– Therapeutic touch

The unerlying principles and approaches may be different for each of these categories. Many of these energy therapies provide predictable results. This is taken to mean that they are based, in some way, on science. The role of energy associated with humans is being accepted as fact. Areas of energy healing that were historically dismissed, are now finding some basis in science. Electromagnetism may explain human aura, for example. Such energy is considered fact; these are referred to as “veritable energy.” Electromagnetic Therapy is an example of veritable energy therapy. Electromagnetic therapy includes magnetic therapy and light therapy. An example of acceptance of energy healing by current Western medicine is the routine use of light therapy in our neonatal intensive care units. However radiation therapy that is used in conventional medicine does not fall into this category

Putative Energy Medicine May Include Therapies Like:

– Acupuncture

– Qigong – Others that involve the notion of Qi are included under this category, such as Reiki

– Homeopathy

– Therapeutic Touch

A Further Look Into Putative Energy Therapies

Qigong is one area of energy healing that warrants further exploration. Qigong is based on the energy of the human body. There is a healing energy within the body. The goal of some engery therapies is to boost that innate energy to help heal mind and body. Touch or deep focus on body energies are used to master these innate body energies.

Mastery of the body’s energies (Qi, pronounced “chi”) relies on accumulation and circulation of Qi. Qi can be associated with deep breathing, but there is more to it. Evolved forms of Qi focus on specific energy centers of the body.

The qi part of qigong means breath in Chinese and can even be extended to mean life force. In Chinese, ‘gong’ means disciplined work. This term was coined in the twentieth-century with the desire to separate cultivation from superstition. Also, to preserve the valuable aspects of traditional Chinese practices.

Qigong is practiced for a variety of reasons and it usually depends upon the individual’s needs. Qigong can be part of therapy, to treat acute physical illness; it can be part of maintaining spiritual or physical health; and it can be part of traditional Chinese martial art practice. Qigong can mean different things at different stages of life. One may begin using Qigong to help with a physical ailment, but continue using it for the power of maintaining health.

Let’s Talk About Reiki

What is Reiki? Rieki falls into the Usui healing system. This is a Japanese based therapy that was developed in the 1920’s by a Buddhist Monk, named Usui. Reiki uses the positive energy of the healer to boost the Qi of the person being healed, so their own Qi may be mastered. “Reiki” is derived from the Japanes words meaning spiritual (“Rei”) and energy (“ki”). Direct translation means “spiritual life force.”

Usui and Reiki energy healing restore and balance the Qi using specific techniques. Energy healing affects all areas of health:

– Body

– Mind

– Spirit

Skeptical ??

It is undeniable that we are surrounded by invisible energy forces. Some people have trouble grasping things that they can not put their hands on. Energy therapies come under much attack and the efficiency is questioned quite often. Critics struggle with the notion that humans may be able to harness energy. Historically, electromagnetic phenomena were considered outside of medicine. However, many of our latest and greatest Western medical gadgets and therapies rely on electromagnetism. Just as light energy healing has become a routine and standard therapy in our neonatal intensive care units, we can look forward to the spread of other forms of energy healing.