A specially created massage combining techniqu...

A specially created massage combining technique and aromatherapy oils. The essential oils are absorbed through the skin and carried to the muscle tissues, joints and organs to relieve tension and relax your mind. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aromatherapy Is a Unique Form of Massage Therapy

Aromatherapy is a novel type of therapeutic massage therapy because of the oils that are often used. The therapist can choose from greater than 90 oils to provide psychological and bodily benefits.

Most of the oils used for aromatherapy come from natural ingredients. Examples of these embrace herbs, milk powders, hydrosols, sea salts, sugars, clays and mud. Use of synthetic ingredients is strongly discouraged.

Aromatherapy is extensively practiced within the US and in Europe and is integral to many holistic treatments. In addition to the natural oils, aromatherapy can include candles and tub salts. All of these may be enjoyed in the comforts of your home.


Aromatherapy is used to deal with numerous well being conditions. These include allergy symptoms, bruises, burns, diarrhea, bronchitis, colds, ear ache, power, flu, complications, insomnia, menopause, nervousness, scars, sprains, stress, shingles and wounds.

For home treatment, you can buy these oils off the shelf; have them on hand for use any time you like. The essential oils used for Aromatherapy are easy to spot as they are all packaged in small bottles with the identify of the oil and the elements which can be used. In case you are not conversant in the oil, you may open it and odor it to see if it is worth buying.

With the oil in your possession, you only have so as to add 2 to three drops to hot water. You then position your head over the bowl, then inhale the fumes. For other uses, you possibly can apply oils to baths and compresses. We routinely add a few drops of lavender oil or eucalyptus oil to the water in our steam vaporizer to scent the entire room.

Aromatherapy per se is just not designed to treat any main illness. It might only relieve minor issues so earlier than you attempt aromatherapy, it is best to first seek the advice of with a doctor.

Moving Forward With Aromatherapy

Should you decide to schedule a therapeutic massage, speak with the practitioner about your medical historical past and current physical condition. Realizing how you’re feeling is the one approach for him or her to determine what oil must be used for the session.


Ladies who’re pregnant or nursing should never undergo aromatherapy because the scents from the oils might be harmful to the infant. There is simply not enough information available, so why take the chance?

For many who wish to know more about aromatherapy, they can read about it in books or on the Internet. There are additionally lessons that can folks of all levels can join to allow them to learn how to combine the oils together.

The benefits of aromatherapy as talked about earlier are psychological and physical as a result of the scent simulates the mind to set off a reaction and at the similar time provide therapeutic relief. A great example is eucalyptus oil which is understood to ease congestion.

There May be Systemic Effects

When the oil is applied to the skin, a minute amount may be absorbed by the bloodstream and aids in sure health, beauty and hygiene conditions.


If you want to learn more about aromatherapy, consider enrolling in classes; you will learn to combine the oils together and create your own healing mixtures. Most essential oils can be purchased for less than $10 per oz; even the more expensive essential oils are less than $20 per oz.

English: Glass vial containing Eucalyptus Glob...

English: Glass vial containing Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aromatherapy is a unique type of massage therapy since you don’t want physical contact on a regular basis to get relief.


The greatest value of essential oils for Aromatherapy may be the ability to help guide your mood: some are invigorating and help elevate your energy level and focus; some do just the opposite, and are calming and can help you relax. Aromatherapy is a holistic form of healthcare that is worth checking out.
Ask your Holistic Doctor about Aromatherapy for more.